*SALE * 180X3685 PVC windowsill Crystallit, BLACK, SATIN

Product code:  136 Black SuperMatt
Cena:  90.00 €
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The required amount:
  • Max length of  the windowsill with standart delivery by courier - 3000 mm;
  • Windowsill can be made up to 6000mm.
  • We cut window sills of non-standard width with an accuracy of +/- 1-3 mm.
  • The width is measured from the edge of the protruding part of the spout. Thus, the straight (horizontal) part in the upper plane will be ~5mm smaller, and in the lower one - by ~15mm.
  • Before specifying the required width, check how deep the window sill will go under the window frame.
Class Premium
Max Length 6000
Max Widht 600
Texture Solid Colour
Colour Dark grey RAL7016
Surface Matt 
Frame thickness 2,5÷3,0 mm; internal structure 1,5 mm
Windowsill thickness 20mm
Height of the leading edge (spout) 40mm
Spout thickness 15mm
Protected with Durable acrylic film ELESGO (Germany)
Resistance to household chemicals Can be cleaned even with acetone-containing detergents
Harmless materials Does not contain substances harmful to health.
Heat resistance HIGH
Mechanical strength Can withstand the fall of an object weighing 1 kg from a height of 1 m
Moisture resistance Absolute, 5th grade
Resistance to UV radiation Do not lose color in the sun up to 50 years
Protective film Each window sill is covered with a very durable, surface-protective film, which must be removed after installing the window sill.
Shipping packaging Standard version - bubble wrap, possibly also cardboard, padded corners and / or pallet


  • LONG LASTING AND ABSOLUTELY SMOOTH - Thanks to high-quality raw materials, the surface of the sill is absolutely smooth and will last more than 50 years.
  • HIGH SCRATCH RESISTANCE Thanks to the ELESGO film developed in Germany, which is used in the production of laminate, window sills are more resistant to scratches.
  • HIGH THERMAL RESISTANCE You can safely put a freshly boiled kettle on the windowsill!
  • STEAM AND WATER PROTECTION Window sills are absolutely moisture resistant, do not swell or exfoliate, like chipboard window sills. Suitable for bathrooms, kitchens and rooms in front of the steam room.
  • RETAINS COLOR AND SHAPE EVEN UNDER THE DIRECT RAYS OF THE SUN The decorative film is resistant to UV radiation, therefore it does not fade or change its tone. When heated in the sun, the material does not bend or deform, which guarantees a consistent look for decades.
  • HIGH MECHANICAL STRENGTH Crystallit sills have a special structure with thicker outer surfaces and stiffening ribs for increased strength. You can safely get up and sit on them. Do not break even under the wheels of a car!
  • EASY TO CARE There are no micropores on the surface of the Crystallit window sill, so dirt does not eat in and is easily cleaned off. Therefore, we especially recommend these window sills to flower growers, as well as where they will be actively used, for example, in the kitchen.
  • RESISTANCE TO HOUSEHOLD CHEMICALS When caring, you can use any household chemicals, even those containing acetone. You can even remove marker marks!
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY Free of lead and other hazardous substances, including formaldehyde.

    Additional products suitable for this window sill

  • Standart TIP
  • Connectors - for connecting window sills at different angles  180  / 90 / 135 or 150 
  • FINISHING PANELS, corners and starting profiles

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